Ground Maps & Parking

HSP has parking available for over 500 vehicles which includes ample street and accessible parking.


Please see Section 7 at 'Park Rules & Regulations' click HERE


Please see Section 8 at 'Park Rules & Regulations' click HERE

Parking Charges at HSP

On occasion, HSP will reserve the right to charge for parking. This typically occurs when the number of expected visitors exceeds the parking spaces that we have available. HSP charges for parking to promote carpooling to the facility, cover the cost of additional security required for the increased number of visitors.

Typically, parking is managed on a first come, first served basis with a fee per parking bay with no in/out privileges.

Notification of parking charges will be made on this website no later than 14 days prior to the date when parking will be subject to charge.


Parking Disclaimer

Houston Sports Park accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle that has been parked in parking lots or surrounding streets. Persons choosing to park their vehicles in or around Houston Sports Park do so at their own risk.

Thieves have been known to operate at the Houston Sports Park. It only takes seconds for a theft to occur. To reduce the threat of criminal activity please follow these guidelines:

  • Remove all personal valuables (purses, backpacks, wallets, phones, laptop) from your vehicle when parking at HSP.
  • Hide away from view all GPS systems (including brackets) and other electronics.
  • Lock your vehicle and arm alarm if equipped
  • If you must put valuables in the trunk, place them there before arriving at HSP.
  • Park near other vehicles.
  • If you see suspicious activity report this immediately to Park staff

If you are a victim of vehicle break-in at HSP, please inform a member of HSP Staff immediately OR call the non-emergency line for the Houston Police Department at 713-884-3131 to report the incident.

Please be aware that a long wait time is expected should you request an officer on site to file report. In some cases, police might not arrive since it is considered a non-critical life threatening call.

You will be given a case number for the incident or directed to complete an online file case.


HSP Parking Map


HSP Grounds Map

Houston Sports Park has (1) AED machine and (1) Fire Extinguisher for emergencies located in the picnic area between fields 2 and 5.