Athletic Trainer Policy

The Houston Sports Park seeks an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for all participants, spectators, and visitors.

The Houston Sports Park (HSP) may require the services of a Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) during contact events. These events include - but are not limited to - M/W Rugby competitions, Men's Lacrosse competitions, tackle football competitions, and other events or activities as deemed appropriate by HSP administration. LATs must physically meet with Park staff upon arrival and be present within eyesight of the play space at all times. Absence of a required LAT during any time shall result in the immediate suspension of the activity. All LATs shall provide a medical kit deemed sufficient by Park staff. Required items include bandages, splints, coolers, ice bags, and other injury related equipment in sufficient quantity. Specific questions regarding required items may be directed to HSP administration in advance. HSP shall provide a community AED; injury ice is available for purchase at $5/20lb bag.

Renters are given the liberty of providing their own LAT(s). The name and contact information of this individual must be given to HSP administration no later than one week in advance of the event for the purpose of researching adequate and current Texas certification.  LAT payment, hours, or any agreement related to services provided shall be negotiated by the renter and their LAT provider. HSP accepts no liability on behalf of LAT services, negligence, or related failure to provide industry standards. Furthermore, HSP provides no insurance or liability coverage on behalf of the LAT. While Park administration may require the presence of an LAT, the LAT is working specifically for the renting party and is encouraged to carry insurance related to the provision of their services.

During an event in which an LAT is present, HSP staff are responsible for the communication and clearance of the Park during weather related evacuations. These actions often result in lengthy delay of activities or holistic Park closures. During negotiations with the LAT for athletic training services, all renters are encouraged to have pre-established guidelines for LAT payment and services in the instance of early closure, delayed activities, or altered schedules.

HSP seeks an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for all participants, spectators, and visitors. Any questions, comments, or concerns of this policy may be directed to HSP administration via phone at 713-433-3969 or